Date Treavor Copeland

Treavor works at Northwest University as a Network Systems Technician where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business. Treavor is well on his way to earning his MBA also from Northwest University.

 Treavor grew up an hour and a half by car from Seattle in Cle Elum. A small town that is a popular area for camping and outdoor activities. But he is not just a shy country boy, no! Treavor is an up and comer in this great big world. You would be lucky to get such a guy.



 As you can see Treavor isn’t all business! He enjoys Walks on the beach, cutting a rug at an occasional wedding, scaring small sea creatures, drinking out of coconuts and getting caught in the rain.

If you are ready for a cup of coffee and a long conversation, interrupted only occasionally by one of Treavor’s “Bro-Friends” don’t hesitate to call, text, FB, Snapchat, Tweet (or whatever it is kids do these days) right now.