Mailpin: Publish an email as a web page

What is Mailpin?

Mailpin allows you to publish an email as a web page. Here are some example pages created with Mailpin:
How to create a page?

To use Mailpin:
  1. Send an email to
  2. Get a sharable URL of a web page, which contains full contents in the email message, including attachments.
This picture shows how we created this page:
Inline image 1

Why should I use Mailpin?
  • Easy to use. No need to create an account. No need to download any app. Publishing and sharing are as simple as sending an email to
  • You email client is your editor. You can use mailpin on your desktop computer, on your phone, on your tablet, or on any device that can send emails.
  • The created web page is private to you. You share the short URL to your social network. You decide who should see the page.
  • Email addresses are scrambled. No need to worry about your email addresses would be revealed to the public.
  • Multimedia support. Mailpin automatically embeds attached images, audios, videos (including Youtube urls) for you.

This is a humble start to make publishing and sharing easy. Let's change the world one email at a time!

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