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Thanks to all of you for your engagement with the course. There continues to be lots of great interaction between course participants in the forums, as well as involvement in other assignments. We appreciate all of your hard work!

We enjoyed the questions and comments you shared in the first live chat with Richard. Over 200 people participated. It was amazing to watch the questions come in from around the world. As promised, faculty responses to the questions that Richard couldn't answer because time ran out are available on the course page. To download the responses go to the ‘Responses to Unanswered Questions’ tab near the bottom of the course page, and click ‘Chat 1 Responses.’ A videotape of the chat will be ready soon.


Topics covered in this announcement:

·      Next Live Chat with Richard Boyatzis

·      Helpful Reminders for Weeks 5-6


Next Live Chat with Richard Boyatzis

The second live chat with Richard Boyatzis will be held this coming Wednesday, June 4, 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. (EDT). This is another opportunity for you to interact with Richard and the other course faculty. As before, the purpose of this session is to answer your questions about course content and experience. This interactive session will include live video streaming and the ability to ask questions in real time. To join the event:

  1. Click the link below or copy and past the link into your web browser:
  2. Click "Join Now"

This is a web conference only, there will be no dial in phone number. You will be able to ask questions using a microphone attached to your computer, or by typing into the Q&A Window.
The third and last Session-3 ‘Live Chat’ is scheduled for Monday, June 23, 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. (EDT). We hope you can join us this coming Wednesday and/or Monday, June 23rd.

Helpful Reminders for Weeks 5-6

Finally, we want to share some reminders that may help you navigate the next two weeks of the course. Please take a minute to read them!

  • Practicum Track Assignments. For those of you taking the practicum track, you will soon have the opportunity to apply what you learned in Weeks 5-6 of the course in real-life settings. For ALAs 2a and 2b, you will be asked to conduct 2 practice coaching sessions on ‘Coaching with Compassion’ and to write 2 short essays on each experience. After you submit your 2 essays, you will receive 3 ‘Coaching with Compassion’ essays written by your peers to read and evaluate. Please review the Syllabus and the ‘Action Learning Assignments (ALAs)’ tab to understand the details of the assignments.

  • Core Track Assignments. We want to remind you that PLA # 9a (from Week 5) is on the PLA homework page so that you can practice your coding, but NO SUBMISSION IS REQUIRED for PLA #9a. Instead, you should submit 'Essay Evaluations D-and-F' for PLA #9b. Also remember that PLAs #2, #3, #4, #5. #8, #11, #12, and #13 are not visible at the 'Personal Learning Assignments' tab because they are for reflection only, i.e., they are not graded assignments, instead personal reflections that are not submitted for grading. Space is provided in the Personal Learning Journal for you to write down your reflections on assignments that are offered on a 'for reflection only' basis. You can also track which assignments are 'for reflection only' by going to the 'Assignments by Due Dates' tab and reviewing the 'Late Penalty' column for Personal Learning Assignments.


  • Assignment and Quiz Deadlines. The ‘Soft Deadline’ is the actual due date to submit an assignment or complete a quiz. If you complete the assignment or quiz before or on the soft deadline date you will be able to obtain the full amount of points awarded and there is no penalty assessed. The ‘Hard Deadline’ is the very last day you can submit the assignment or take the quiz to receive any credit. If you submit the assignment or take a quiz after the hard deadline you will receive NO points. If you submit the assignment in the time between the soft deadline and up to the day of the hard deadline, you will be assessed a 50% penalty.


That's it for this week and next. Enjoy the learning!


Your ILTEI Course Team

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