NITF: War Rules & Consequences

The Co-Leaders want war to be (continue to be) a fun experience for everyone in the clan! We decided to do weekly wars for several reasons, including a) the sense of community it brings when we chat and donate troops during war days; b) participating in wars helps many of us improve raiding skills through working on our own attacks and watching others; c) it adds variety to the day-to-day farming grind. We appreciate all of you who have worked hard to improve attack strategy, read our messages, and helped us organize our war strategies.  We have come a long way since the early war activity and we are steadily improving our attacks individually.

The Co-Leaders believe that we need to have more clan strategy for attacking our weekly opponent to help us do even better in wars.  As such, we are using this space to reiterate War Rules We recognize that most of the clan have been abiding by the War Rules. However, the few who are not abiding by War Rules are dragging down the clan. Our main hope is that people improve their responsiveness to War Rules because we want people to participate in war and to be enthusiastic participants who want to help the clan win war. We want us all to work together and cooperate as a clan. We take no joy in penalizing people.

In the interest of transparency, below we have outlined actions the Co-Leaders will take if member do not follow War Rules. 

1. Missing war battles:
We need a clan war roster on which we can rely because some of our previous wars have been very close where we needed every star earned.  
  • If you miss both of your two war battles, you will sit out the next two wars.
  • The first time you miss one of the two war battles, you will have warning status. If it happens a second time in a four week period, you will sit out wars for two weeks.
  • If you are new to the clan and miss any battles in your first 4 wars with us (without letting us know in game chat or on forum that you were experiencing challenges), you will be booted.

2. War Base. This is not a particular problem for most people in the clan at present, but if your base is not a “war base” (where the Townhall has maximum protection) by the time Battle Day starts, you will sit out the next war. 

3. Attacking appropriate members of opposing clan
  • Call Your Base. If you attack someone else's called opponent in the first 12 hours before the person who reserved the base is able to, you sit out a week. Do it again, and you will sit out war for at least 2 weeks.
  • Know Your Troops. If you do not have TH level troops (due to rushed base or new TH level), please use the second 12-hour period of Battle Day (“free period”) to clean up a lower TH level base. Don’t try to be a hero and try to 2-star a TH10 with level 1 golem. The CoC Wiki is a good resource for seeing the max troop level for each TH. Attack way over your troop level? Sit out war for 1 week.
  • War Army. Attacking with a farming army is not the best way to be successful at war. To 2- or 3-star, you must use premium troops that are designed to do as much damage as possible. Attack with farming army and you will sit out for 1 week.[/list]

4. Clan Castle requests
When you request CC troops to attack with in war battles, please be specific about the troops you need (for example: "max hogs" OR "level 4+ wizards").  Having a specific strategy for your attack is important.  Ask questions in game chat if you need assistance.. If you make too general CC requests for war, or if you attack without full CC troops, this may result in sitting out war for a week.

If you do any of the above more than twice in a month, or several of the above in a month, this may result in booting from the clan.