Special Message


November 4, 2014

A nursing experience that really counts!


Gap Medics provides year-round short-term, overseas internship programs for aspiring nurses!


On a Gap Medics pre-nursing program, aspiring nurses will receive relevant shadowing experience under the guidance of professional nurses. Each week, students are assigned to nurse mentors in a wide range of hospital departments. While our core specialties include surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, and obstetrics and gynecology, additional hospital departments are available at each of our overseas destinations.

Gain an edge this winter, or spring break register for a Gap Medics pre-nursing internship abroad!

2-Week Winter Session Dec & Jan!

1-Week Spring Break Session March & April!

2-Week Summer Break Session May- August!




About Gap Medics

Gap Medics is a specialist company dedicated to arranging pre-health shadowing programs for students applying to medical school, nursing school, and other health degree programs. Our overseas internships offer high school and undergraduate students professional mentorship and genuine insight into the work of health professionals in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Students join us from all over the world, particularly from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, in order to stay in our exclusive houses and observe within our partner hospitals. Our comprehensive support services are designed to make these opportunities as safe, convenient, and secure as possible and draw on our experience placing thousands of students in healthcare settings around the world since 2005. Call us today at +1.415.361.4076, or feel free to send us an email.