Indonesia's new prime minister Joko Widodo is a "metalhead."

President of Indonesia Joko Widodo. Nickname; Jokowi.

Regarding his newly acquired authority to kill Australians on death row in Indonesia, there are some anomalies about his personality and perhaps Widodo’s judgement in authorizing the executions.

One of the death row inmates is Myuran Sukumaran an artist; highly praised by Ben Quilty

Myuran Sukumaran and fellow death row inmate Andrew Chan are serving their prison sentences.

“It was announced in December 2014 that clemency was refused for the many prisoners on death row for drug offences, and that they will be executed. Two of them are reformed prisoners, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, who while in jail have done much good over many years. The positive stories of their rehabilitation are known in Indonesia and around the world. They are a true credit to the Indonesian Penal system, which has enabled their rehabilitation.

In jail, each of them has shown remorse and sorrow for his drug crimes and turned his life around, and helped many other prisoners to do the same. They are role models for other prisoners. Welcoming Indonesia’s renewed commitment to the recognition and implementation of international human rights standards, we humbly petition Your Excellency that prisoners who reform should only be jailed, not executed.

A Twitter Joko Widodo Verified account
Joined September 2011

His tweet on 17 June 2014 is as follows:

Kreativitas manusia adalah sumber daya ekonomi utama,
ekonomi kreatif beragam jenisnya harus diberi ruang oleh Negara.

"Human creativity is the main economic resources,
various types of creative economy must be given space by the State.

My comment.
Could not “the state give space” in the form of clemency and have Myuran Sukumaran’s sentence reduced from execution to serving a jail term because of his human creativity?

Joko Widodo's sole nomination for police chief - a bribery suspect

(Reuters) - Indonesia's anti-graft agency on Tuesday named President Joko Widodo's sole nomination for police chief a bribery suspect, a blemish on the new leader who came to office in October promising clean government.

Widodo on Saturday said three-star general Budi Gunawan would be his only candidate to head the police, considered by many to be one of the most corrupt institutions in the country.

"Gunawan has been named a suspect by the KPK for holding suspect bank accounts when he was the chief of the police's bureau of human resources," said an official with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), who declined to be named because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

Gunawan, who is currently the head of police training, could not be reached for comment.

Widodo told reporters on Monday he chose Gunawan on recommendation from the National Police Commission.

"This will be discussed with the National Police Commission as consideration material for the president in making a decision," Tedjo Edi Purdijatno, coordinating minister of politics, law and security, told Reuters.

The nomination has to be approved by parliament.

Widodo took the unprecedented step of asking the KPK to vet his cabinet picks. He did not seek similar action for his choice of police chief.

But some experts see Widodo's choice as a political maneuver. Gunawan is close to Megawati Sukarnoputri, former president and leader of the president's political party.

My comment.
Why did Joko Widodo change his name  from Mulyono?
Is Mulyono his christian name or his surname?
His parents names are; Noto Mihardjo and Sudjiatmi Notomihardjo.

Joko Widodo had his own business under the name of CV Rakabu,
The business was quite successful; however due to fraud, it had problems and was closed.
What are the details of the fraud and was Joko Widodo implicated?

My comment.
What did Joko Widodo study in Sydney?
Was he supported in any financial way by the Australian Government?

Early life and education

Joko Widodo is of Javanese descent. Before changing his name (changes of name are not unusual in Java), Joko Widodo was called Mulyono.[7] His father came from Karanganyar, his grandparents came from a village in Boyolali.[8] His education started in State Primary School 111, Tirtoyoso, known for being a school for less wealthy citizens.[9]

After his graduation in 1985, he worked for BUMN PT Kertas Kraft Aceh and was placed in Pinus merkusii forest plantation at Gayo Highlands, Aceh Tengah Regency. Nevertheless, he didn't feel at home and went home to his wife, who was seven months pregnant. He was determined to work with wood in his uncle Miyono's business named CV Roda Jati. In 1988, he started his own business under the name of CV Rakabu, referring to his first child (Rakabuming). The business was quite successful; however due to fraud, it had problems and was closed. In 1990, he tried again with money (Rp 30,000,000, around $16,000) borrowed from his mother.[15]

"(Widodo's) nomination is actually a politically savvy move," said Tobias Basuki, political analyst at the CSIS think-tank.

"After getting all the people he wanted in the cabinet, he can capitulate on this."

(Additional reporting by the Jakarta bureau; Editing by Nick Macfie)


Joko Widodo is the eldest son of Noto Mihardjo and Sudjiatmi Notomihardjo. He has three younger sisters, named Iit Sriyantini, Ida Yati and Titik Relawati.[54]

He and his wife, Iriana, have three children. Gibran Rakabuming Raka (male, born 1 October 1988) has a catering and wedding-planning business in Surakarta; he has studied abroad in Sydney and Singapore (at the Management Development Institute of Singapore, MDIS

“Deviant” leaders, or leaders who deviate from the common traits”

Despite low voter turnout and the need for a runoff election, the results of the quick counts indicate the people’s thirst for positive “deviant” leaders, or leaders who deviate from the common traits and characters shown by the majority of government officials and politicians.

Jokowi gives his 'DEVIL HORNS' salute.

My comment.
It is quite unexpected to find Widodo’s name in this site:

New on this site Widodo - according to 5 visitors Joko Widodo is 85% gay.
The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Joko Widodo has been voted highly gay.

News and features on Indonesia Blogspot

"Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo family mourn victims of alleged child rape RI (11) in Rawa Bebek, Cakung, East Jakarta, Monday"

My comment.
Why would the Governor involve himself in a child rape allegation”?
Why did the Governor mourn and provide compensation to the victim’s families.

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo family mourn victims of alleged child rape RI (11) in Rawa Bebek, Cakung, East Jakarta, Monday (01/07/2013). By using the suit white shirt and a black Innova car B 1592 NKR, Jokowi arrived at the scene at 14.00 pm.

As usual, the arrival of number one in the administration was always drawing attention of people. When Jokowi arrived, the weather at the site was in a state of heavy rain. The residents also volunteered other wet, running around and trying to simply close, shake, or pose with Jokowi. Atmosphere heavy rain, narrow alleys, and the muddy streets to challenge for the journalist to be competing with the residents to be able to approach the Jokowi.

Jokowi finally arrived home Sunoto, RI father (11), allegedly raped the victim. In a very simple and semi-permanent with less lighting and the porch is only protected by a tarpaulin to protect from the rain pouring down, that's where RI everyday activities. Jokowi immediately greeted by a large family of Indonesia, including Sunoto.

Jokowi talking long enough to Sunoto the moment it looks pretty ratty and using simple batik. Earlier, while still at Jakarta City Hall, Jokowi also promised to meet with victims' families to mourn and provide compensation to the families of RI as a sign berbelasungkawa.

"Yes, I'm set. Now busy to hehe," said Jokowi.

RI alleged victims of sexual violence, has died in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) General Hospital Friendship (RSUPP) in a coma. Previously, RI doctors diagnosed an infection in the brain, although doctors have not been able to find whether the infection is caused by injury to the genitals or not.

RI, is the youngest daughter of six children, a husband and wife (50) and L (54). They live in shanties scavengers in Cakung, East Jakarta. Conditions boy sitting in 5 th grade was dropped two months until he was stiff and decreased body temperature. On December 29, 2012 and then, the condition RI decreases until finally he was taken to the ICU RSUPP.

When doctors performed the first treatment, untreated wounds found on the boy in the pubic area.

"When my son entered and examined, he said there were melakuin. Son was baseball holy mother anymore, so he says," said the mother of RI when giving testimony to reporters at the Friendship Hospital, on Thursday (03/01/2013) afternoon.

Cases of alleged rape that happened 11 years boy with the initials RI, resident Rawa Bebek, Pulogebang, Cakung, East Jakarta, continues to be investigated. The police had asked for time to investigate the case.

"It is love us a little time. Still we investigate it," said the Head of the Criminal Investigation East Jakarta Resort Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Muhammad Saleh told reporters on Monday (01/07/2013) afternoon.

Statement of Saleh asked after meeting with the head of the General Directorate of Criminal Police, Commissioner Toni Mapolres Harmanto in East Jakarta.

Toni confirmed, the case was also handled by the General Criminal Jakarta Police. However, it only is cooperation. The reins of leadership of the investigation were police Criminal Investigation Unit, East Jakarta.

"Not I, later the Chief of Police or visible, we help," he said.

As of Monday afternoon, four people had been examined at the Women and Children Protection Unit East Jakarta Police. Two people in the name of Yono and Hendra, the victim's brother in law. Two others were convinced the mother A (50) and R (30), the victim's brother. Four people were still undergoing examination.

RI, is the youngest daughter of six children, a husband and wife (50) and L (54). They live in shanties Scavenger Pulogebang, Cakung, East Jakarta.

RI alleged victims of sexual violence seriously injured on his cock. But unfortunately, had not testified, he breathed his last.

Police claimed to have checked 14 witnesses related to the case of the death of RI (11), 5 th grade boy Pulogebang origin, Cakung, East Jakarta. However, until now the police find it difficult to unravel the case due to lack of information.

"The process of investigation has examined 14 witnesses consisting of victims, parents, four older siblings, my sister, brother-in-law, and friends of his elementary school," said Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Comr Rikwanto, Monday (7/1 / 2013).

Rikwanto said that the police until now there is no set suspects because of the examination results not lead to a specific person.

"Description of the witnesses have been checked, whether in accordance with those in the field. Currently no examination leading to a nobody. So the police are still gathering information. Hopefully there are new witnesses so that the case could reach the point of light," said Rikwanto.

Rikwanto explained, based on the results of the investigation and the information has been collected, it is known that there is a change in RI since early November. It was seen in the behavior and habits suddenly change drastically.

"His condition declined, he was like a lost passion. Which usually love to play, so the more often at home., And if underwear is usually dicucikan mother, but suddenly wash their own underwear. Road too little straddle," said Rikwanto.

RI seizures since Saturday, December 29, 2012, and taken to RSUPP. From the results of the Team Physician, RI indicated suffering from typhoid and high heat. In addition, there was damage to both the anus and the genitals caused by a blunt object. He alleged victims of sexual violence by serious injury to cock it.

RI, is the youngest daughter of six children, a husband and wife (50) and L (54). They live in shanties Scavenger Pulogebang, Cakung, East Jakarta. RI passed away on Sunday (01/06/2013) at the Central Public Hospital Friendship (RSUPP).

Indonesia's new prime minister Joko Widodo is a "metalhead."
Widodo is apparently a big fan of metal bands Metallica and Napalm Death. Metallica's Robert Trujillo even gave Widodo a bass guitar once, but he had to return it because it was seen as a bribe. Jul 24th 2014 - 12:21 AM •

Widodo escorted off a live Metallica concert in Indonesia - 'Stoned'

My comment.
The names of some the bands are quite violent!
Have these violent band names influenced Jokowi?

“THE ONLY PRESIDENT IN THE WORLD with whom you can sit down and argue about which Slayer record is the best.”

“Randy Blythe is psyched a metal fan is Indonesian president”

Posted by Bram Teitelman on July 24, 2014

A few days ago, Jakarta governor Joko Widodo won the election in Indonesia, making him the president of the country. The reason we wrote about it on Metal Insider is that Widodo also happens to be a huge metal fan, having appeared in a Napalm Death shirt and talking about how he likes both them and Metallica. While metal fans in the country are elated, so is just about everyone else, including Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe. Weighing in on the picture to the right, which features the new president wearing a Lamb of God shirt, Blythe said the following via his Instagram:

I mean, can you IMAGINE it? This is THE ONLY PRESIDENT IN THE WORLD with whom you can sit down and argue about which Slayer record is the best. Holy crap, it’s too much! I want the Prez to take me on a diplomatic surf summit to Bali. Maybe I can get ambassadorial status. #jokowipleasetakemetoyourislandparadise

First of all, it’s always Reign in Blood, but it’d be awesome to have that conversation with Widodo and/or Blythe. Secondly, we wouldn’t be too surprised if Lamb of God’s next tour found them playing Indonesia. In fact, as the Pres settles into his new role, the country could find itself on must-visit status for band that want to hobnob with the most high-ranking metal fan in the free world.

The Indonesian president is a metalhead and has gone on record as being a fan of Napalm Death.

Napalm Death’s Barney Greenway reacts to Indonesian metalhead,
headbanger president.

Posted by Nick DeSimone on August 8, 2014


It’s no secret that the Indonesian president is a metalhead, and it’s somewhat comforting to know that the leader of a nation has gone on record as a fan of Napalm Death. Hearing the other side of the story is just as interesting! In an interview with Billboard, Napalm Death frontman Barney Greenway sat down to discuss Joko Widodo’s stance as a proud headbanger. Initially, he said that he didn’t pay it any mind, since he figured Widodo winning the presidency was a long shot at best, but as his chances kept improving, he got more interested :

“It seems as if, with all due respect, there’s a lot to deal with in Indonesia. The human rights issues are quite a big one there. Of course, the historical stuff that has to do with jobs and some other places. Also, of course, big ecological issues with the deforestation. So if he can really get to groups with that, and push aside some of the more dictatorial elements of politics over there, I think he’ll be one of the first politicians that I’ve really felt quite warm to, so we’ll see.”

It’s pretty interesting to note that the guy who wrote From Enslavement to Obliteration actually has reasonably nice things to say about a politician somewhere, and taste in music aside, Widodo definitely has some progressive plans to improve socioeconomic conditions in Indonesia. Greenway also took a moment to talk about Napalm Death’s immediate future, including their follow-up to 2012’s Utilitarian.

“We’re working on another album actually, doing it a little differently this time. Recording it in bits and pieces — what we wanted to do was get a lot of different production on the album, from track-to-track. We always try and move on a little bit with each album.

Two Australian artists, Ben Quilty and Matt Sleeth are teaching  Myuran Sukumaran how to paint.

Joko 'Jokowi' Widodo…seems perfectly happy to proclaim his love of Megadeth, Metallica and even Napalm Death.

He has recently stated that he believes the Indonesian government should be more supportive of popular culture and heavy music in particular, and given how native bands like Burgerkill, Godless Symptoms and Jasad have been attracting attention overseas in recent times – particularly in the UK – it seems highly probable that a vote for Jokowi will be regarded as a vote for massive riffs and guttural bellowing.

… at least there’s a politician out there who actually knows the words to Megadeth’s Symphony of Destruction.


President Joko Widodo wearing “LAMB OF GOD” T shirt.

Jesus was referred to as: “the lamb of God.”

When John saw Jesus coming, he announced, “Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29)!

My comment.
Organize an advertising campaign
with president Joko Widodo wearing the lamb of God T-shirt



                 proclaims clemency

               for Myuran Sukumaran

                  and Andrew Chan

                 President Joko Widodo wearing “LAMB OF GOD” T shirt.

   Twin Towers buildings were destroyed via controlled demolition – an inside job. All this; to create an illusion of a threat of terrorism.