UberOut is hiring a Growth Hacker (remote)

We are a start-up that has developed an incredible product. We believe our product can generate a significant amount of buzz in the marketplace and we are looking for an expert growth hacker that can do the following:

Ability to drive people to the launch page with little to no investment
Ability to creatively use forums and social media to gain buzz and drive people to the site
Identify the most relevant startup blogs and forums to help get the word out
Ability to think outside the box to get people to sign up for the site
Ability to maintain partnership and flexible relationship with the startup 
Ability to generate a viral buzz through online communities, as apposed to SEO and PPC online marketing

Most importantly, understand of how startups such as AirBnB, Uber, Facebook, Twitter and other companies used growth hacking creatively and cost effectively to create a viral community around the core product.

We have an extremely tight budget -- we are for the growth hacker to partner with us to create an incredible buzz in the online community. 

We have a low budget and are open to recommendations from you on how you think we can get the most bang for our buck with your help.  

Our product has ability to be the next big start-up. 

Please contact us at *****@gmail.com for questions and to submit your application.