NFL Cheerleaders of Week 4

NFL Cheerleaders of Week 4

Detroit Lions v New York Jets

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders appear on Sunday Night Football and that instantly launches them back into the #1 spot on our power rankings list. It was also good to see the Redskins cheerleaders get enough votes to move into the top 10 at #9. This is still one of the sneaky cheerleading teams. You don’t hear much from them and then all of a sudden there’s some sort of story that launches them to the top 5. Happens every year.

NFL Cheerleader Power Rankings:

1. Cowboys

2. Texans

3. Dolphins

4. Chargers

5. Cardinals

6. 49ers

7. Seahawks

8. Jags

9. Redskins

10. Buccaneers

Ron Antonelli/Getty Images

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