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Hi Family,

We 9 folks arrive Kyiv, on Delta Airlines, on Tuesday, June 23 at 1:10 PM.  

We are so excited to see you all again!

We depart Kiev on KLM on Friday, July 3, at 5:45 AM.

Some of you have been trying to help us find a train from southern Ukraine.  I can look for trains in 'English', but as Sergey D and I found out when I purchased the 'departing to the south tickets', they do not necessarily list all the trains for the 'English speakers'...there are more trains listed if you look in Ukrainian.

Therefore, can all of you take a look at the train schedules and see if you can find a 'hiding' train that departs somewhere in the south within 2-3 hours drive from Mala Lepetika NORTH to Kyiv ...??

We want to leave ON Thursday, July 2, afternoon sometime....ARRIVING Kyiv LATE NIGHT or very early in the morning on Friday, July 3...We need to be at the airport at 4:00AM to catch our plane at 5:45 AM.

I know IF we cannot find a train, we will have to take the bus...Sergey D says there is a couple of options BUT the cost is twice as much as the train! :(  It is pretty cost prohibitive...we need to find something cheaper if possible.

SOOOOOOOOOOO, IF any of you can find a TRAIN that will work OR a BUS for less than $500.00 US from camp to Kyiv, we would greatly appreciate it.  IF we all work on it, maybe we can find it!  Please help us. We need all of you to help, if you don't mind... thank you.

PS  I found a train from    Zaporizhzhya 1 to Kyiv. but it has no compartments, only seats...does that mean you cannot bring suitcases??

IF we can bring suitcases, then this could work. However, it arrives about 10:45 PM into Kyiv so we would need to find a place where we could just 'wait' til we have to go to the airport....

Any ideas???

Love you all!  Thanks for working for us even before we get there!  xoxo

Thea and Monte!

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