Tony Kelly, who has photographed Emmy Rossum, Russell Brand, Bruno Mars, Adam Levine, Alexandra Richards, Daisy Lowe, Kate Upton, Justin Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski, Bar Paly, and more, has published his first book full of Treats! entitled “TONYS TOYS”.

Each image works as a stand- alone, tongue-in-cheek social commentary on the power divide between man and woman. While every image invites layered interpretation, in the eyes of the photographer, men are reduced to powerless pawns in the presence of a beautiful female. In TONYS TOYS, the woman always comes out on top. While this delicious collection of dynamic, vibrant and often explicit images will undoubtedly elicit varied reactions, Tony’s aim is to stir, move and entertain. And does he.

A limited edition run of 1000 copies are now available at

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