[DailyEnglishTip] 모자시리즈: 3) 인도 아저 씨 모자

인도사람들이 쓰는 이 모자를 뭐라고 할까?

Turban : a traditional Muslim headdress consisting of a long scarf wrapped around the head

[From Movies]
  • A man in a blue turban and cape with the initials "BR" on his chest has appeared. ( Mystery Men)
  • Across the beach, a Sufi, dressed in a turban and flowing garments ( Fletch )
  • Five bucks says he's wearing a turban.  ( Drag Me to Hell)
  • No, he's Sikh. lf he wears a turban he's Sikh. l'll probably marry him ( The English Patient ) 
  • How long has it been? Three years? - About that. You stopped wearing your turban. Yeah. My God! ( Parenthood)
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