[DailyEnglishTip] 다른 사람에서 지식, 정보, 자원, 인맥등을 "쥐어짜내야" 할 때

인생을 살면서 다른사람의 지식, 정보, 자원, 인맥등을 "쥐어짜내야"할때가 있다. 
그럴때쓰이는 싱싱한 표현이있다.

암소의 젖(udder)에서 잡아당기고, 쥐어짜고 하면서  마지막 우유 한방울 마저 담아내려는 당신의 모습을 상상해보라...

  • Fig. to pressure someone into giving information or money. 
    • The reporter milked the mayor's aide for information. 
    • The thief milked me for $20.

[From Movies]
  • And why is it that certain species of ants keep flocks of plant lice as slaves to milk them for droplets of sugar? ( Encounters At The End Of The World )
  • Yeah. We have to love her. We have to care about her. And we have to milk it for every drop of publicity we can get. (Soapdish)
  • Build it Up, milk it for all it's worth, Then sell it off for a bundle and Breeze out of this burg with more Money than Croesus and ready to Live like kings. (Tomebstone)

[From News]
  • He stands for equal treatment of all citizens of India, while the congress party has been 'embracing' minorities only to milk them for votes. ( Economist)
  • At the very least, state-run oil firms are likely to suffer from underinvestment, as governments milk them for as much revenue as possible. (Economist)
  • He did not want to "try to milk him for every little thing because he's in a streak,"  (NYT)
  • Instead, they have chosen to put him through numerous procedures, at great expense, so they can continue to milk him for all he's worth. ( NYT )
  •  He was leery of programs that would milk him for his connections but exclude him from the other vital areas of coaching. ( NYT )

이 표현에서 파생되어 cliche처럼 되어버린 표현이있다.  

"milk it for all it's worth." ( its 또는 it's 가 사용되는데, it's 가 맞는 표현이다) 라 하여
'주어진 기회를 최대한 이용한다'는 의미에서 사용될수있겠다.




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