The MOO Workshops & Post Office at Création et Savoir Faire


This MOO DIY themed space was designed with flexibility, lightweight transportation, 
storage capacity in mind. 
Our partner Qbox was able to deliver great modulable cardboard structures.


Création et Savoir-Faire, a 5-day event in Paris in November, attracted over 60k attendees 
with an interest in scrap booking, knitting, sewing, entrepreneurship, blogging and creativity for the home.


The MOO Cardboard stand allowed us to showcase our products,
host workshops and allow customers to write postcards to their friends.

We partnered with amazing brands who hosted their own workshop in our space and using MOO products:

Etsy Make your visual identity stand out with MOO products
SelfPackaging Customise you own packaging with MOO Stickers
AlittleMarket  Make your brand stand out with MOO paper products
Wool & The Gang Knit your own bracelet
Wildbirds Collective Create custom Notebooks with MOO Letterheads


Over 1,500 postcards were written, customised and posted, that's a total of 3,000 senders/receivers exposed to the MOO brand.

Workshops were a huge success, oversubscribed, a great way to drive new customers to our stand.

A total of 15,000 MOO samples have been handed out.

Great coverage on Twitter and FB from attendees and our Partnerd hosting at the MOO Workshop.

Prospects could customize and post a MOO Luxe PostCard for free

The Submicrocosm showcase — an Etsy designer

Wool & The Gang's "Make your own bracelet" workshop

←  Getting the design community to write postcards to their loved ones.

   MOO products at Kerning Typography & Calligraphy Event