Making people connect with MOO through creativity.

to become the most talked-about and most visited 
'design destination' during Fashion Week, Design 
Week, BFI Film Festival and the FriezeA shop that 
feels more like an adventure playground or immersive
theatre than a selling machine.

A series of extraordinary 'stages', installations and events 
- as never seen before on Oxford Circus. 'stages',
installations and events - as never seen before
on Oxford Circus. MOO has been invited to showcase 
an innovative experience.

MOO is a place where people define their identity 
on a white digital canvas. We wanted to create 
a physical version of it — a boring office space 
painted in white — where people would unleash pistols, 
full of colorful paint and assimilate MOO with creativity.

About 1,200 people experienced the stand: art buyers, 
journalists, bloggers, broadcast crews and photographers, consumers, festival goers, filmmakers.


Instagram likes : 4,566

Potential rebuilds in partnership with 
L'Exception Paris


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