[DailyEnglishTip] 감정에 휘둘림을 당했을 때

자만, 호기심, 유혹, 걱정 등은 우리의 행동에 크게 영향을 미친다. 
이러한 무형의 것들이 우리의 행동을 굴복하게 할때  쓰기 좋은 표현이 있으니...
[Phrase] get the best of me : to control your behavior 
  • Dad had a bad temper and he often let it get the best of him.
[From Movies]
  • Now tell me the truth or they're going to decide your troubles got the best of you. ( Deep Cover)
  • And I also believe if things had gone on that way, this place would have got the best of him. ( Shawshank Redemption )
  • You're a pair of superstitious goats and it's got the best of you. ( Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest )
  • The Count's curiosity got the best of him. ( Three Musketeers )
  • Well, first time... that anybody ever got the best of old Hercules. ( Sandlot )
  • Maybe sentimentality got the best of you. ( Sons of Anarchy )
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[From News] 
  • He could have had great intentions when he started, but the power and money got the best of him. ( Economist)
  • Overall, his hubris got the best of him, which is a shame because he has compromised his talent to impress his audience ( Economist) 
앞서 말했지만 Money, power, hubris, sentimentality 등 감정을 움직여 행동에 영향을주는것들이 보통 get the best of somebody 를한다고 한다.
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