[DailyEnglishTip] "일반적으로"의 또다 른 표현

"일반적으로"를 영어로 어떻게 할까?
  • Generally
  • in general
  • on the whole
  • everything considered
  • for the most part
등이있다. 이 리스트에 들어갈만한 phrase가 하나 더있는데,  그것은 바로 ...

By and large : 
  • (완전히는 아니지만) 대체로
  • generally; usually. (Originally a nautical expression.) 
    • I find that, by and large, people tend to do what they are told to do. 
    • By and large, rosebushes need lots of care.
직역하면 "옆에 그리고 큰"이라는 말도안되는 해석이 나온다. 직역은 옳지 않다.
이 표현은 사실 sailing large 와  "full and by" 라는  뱃사람하던 사람들이 쓰던 용어에서 기원됐다.

"sailing large"는 배가 움직이기 편하게  바람이 불때 썼던 표현이고(항해하기 쉬움)

"full and by" 는 배를 향해서 오는 바람을 뚫고 나갈때 썼던 표현이란다.(항해하기 어려움)

그리하여 배는 즉 sailing large또는 full and by 이 둘중 하나일수밖에없는데, by and large는 배가 있을수있는 상태를 다 표현한것이다. 즉 이런 표현이  점점 회화체로 바뀌어 "일반적으로~"로 바뀌었다.

[From Movies & TV shows]
  • Asians are by and large real dependable. They don't want no trouble. You might argue about price, but you aint gotta worry about them shootin' you in the back. (Jackie Brown)
  • There are some patches of vegetation growing here and there, but by and large the island is one huge rock with rugged cliffs ( Avventura )
  • I mean, by and large, I'm in good health.  ( Frasier )
  • Well by and large the average diameter's about one millimetre.  (CSI)
  • Americans are a stupid people, by and large.  (Wire)
  • Sometimes they get annoyed, but by and large, mommies and daddies don't kill each other. ( Medium)

[From News]
  • By and large, they(Airbnb members) do not accept strangers in their homes because they relish phenomenal amounts of company or washing soiled bedsheets. ( NYT)
  • The recovery (of Janan's economy) is spreading, by and large. ( Economist)
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  • I ll keep you p[           ]: /NVo71VWH
  • milk SOMEONE [         ] SOMETHING: /aqQd6yTC

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